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I don't live on Planet Neutral.

Trigger warning: Rape, calling out a rapist & people's reactions

I'm not saying my buddy-friend is being a crap person; I'm just saying that his neutral good is cramping my lawful good.* And you can't really be neutral in the case of rape anyway. You have to at least condemn it in some way (e.g., "I can't know for sure, but if he did, he's a terrible person."), even if you can't know because you weren't there. Most people were not there during most rapes. That's the nature of rape; it is usually done in secret. However most people do not lie about being raped, especially not when you know damn well he's probably going to retaliate with an army of fans and a lawsuit for defamation.

You might as well not say anything at all if you're going to be so perfectly neutral about it all. (Yes, yes; I realise that saying people should be logical instead of jumping to conclusions is a valid opinion in general. Something something Rush something Freewill.)

Worse, in the case of someone that I unfollowed, and never really liked much in the first place, you can't excuse rape by saying he seems "nice." Lots of horribly abusive people seem "nice." Who gives a flying fuck? Remember that whole thing I said about rape being done in secret? Use your damn head.

It's so irritating the way a lot of young people are so forward-thinking in a lot of ways and so incredibly stupid in others. I guess it just takes time to realise some things; it did for me too. Doesn't mean I'm going to stick around to listen to it though. Had to put up with myself being a dumb young person quite long enough, thank you.

And yes; I am biased. I've lived through so much darkness that I am intimately aware of it. I think that tends to give me a better sense for it. A sense does not replace the logic of knowing I don't know for sure one way or the other, but I believe her. It is my duty to, in order to change the world that still allows to this to happen so easily.

And some know where my loyalties lie, staked directly through the heart. I make no apologies.

I believe others will come forward as well. They always do.

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