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Fly By Night

First decent dreams in a long time.

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D Nile

Started to write this the other day, but the internet went down for a long while and then I didn't want to deal with it for a while.

Trigger warning for spineless egg donor of a mother, cult abuse, stalking, fucked up "family," abusive parents, other abused kids, purposeful stupidity that makes you want to choke people, victim invalidation, misogyny, sexual abuse


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I started to go on about some other stuff, but it was mostly so unrelated that I figured I'd post this by itself.


I said I would update my journal when cool stuff came in the mail, but the CPTSD/depression have been pretty bad, so I haven't done much of anything. Stuff has come in, so I am a little behind.
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Take no prisoners! Take no shit!

From my Fb:

(Warning: I take no bullshit, and swear a lot.)

So I took a peek at my little sister's (27- I'm 32) account again.

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the truth is

I don't want to admit it, even to myself, but the truth is that my health has been so poor, that I have to cancel seeing Robert Englund. It's that bad. I wanted to see him so badly.

I'm thinking about putting myself in a home.

Someone made fun of it (me being abused and having PTSD) on IMDb. I wanted to put my fist through their face. I'm so frustrated. I just want to be able to function.

Sorry I haven't updated. I am not well.

Hell No (Public ver. +)

I made an entry the other day about my family finding me, but I had to make it friends only, as I just copied and pasted pretty much everything related, and the last thing I want is for them to find my spaces. I want to keep them out of my world. Nothing makes me happier than being free of them (well, except good things happening to other people).

Anyway, I'm going to make a public entry for my friends that aren't friends with me on here, with the things that my family have seen omitted (and the dates will be incorrect). I have also added additional notes and more recent updates.

Yesterday at 1:57am, Fb - Message to my friends from me

To my beautiful friends,

My abusive father has found this account and tried to friend me.Trigger warning for some wicked fucked up shit, including the attempted murder of a childCollapse )

Vampire Nipples

Still tired as fuck. Hope it passes soon.
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Answer for question 4288.

Did you watch cartoons in your youth? What’s your favorite animated or cartoon program from when you were a kid? Do you still watch any animated shows today?
Biker Mice From Mars *vroom vroom* Biker Mice From Mars *heavy metal plays*

Yeah, I'll watch animated stuff if it looks like it'll interest me. Last modern cartoon I remember liking was Stoked. Just caught it on TV one day and kept watching.

I still watch the original (1993) Biker Mice cartoons too. They're still good.

Too bad nobody liked the reboot (2006). They had the original actors come back and everything, but it just wasn't the same. It lost its cheesiness and cool style.

I've still got the original soundtrack on CD. It's one of my most treasured possessions.



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